Thursday, January 1, 2009

P.S. I'm still not over you

New Year. 09'. Change. Difference. Make-over. When I think about kicking off this new year, these words come to mind: CHANGE, DIFFERENCE, MAKE-OVER. I'm pretty sure many people do as well. I've realized in the past that just because a new year begins and the old one ends does not mean that rapid change will come as soon as the clock strikes 12. "Happy New Year." "My resolution is to lose 15 pounds," or "This year I'm cutting this n***a off."
I even told myself that I wasn't going to call him. 12' oclock came and I didn't dial hit number. A quarter to 1 he calls me, "I just wanted to call you and wish you a happy new year."
I said to myself, "It's a wrap for that, scratch that off my resolution. I already bought the idea of him in the new year. What was I supposed to do, not pick up?
At the end of the day we as humans go right back to what we said we were not going to do in the new year, we bring 08' right in 09'. I don't believe change comes in a new year. We have to change everyday, not because a new year approaches.

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