Monday, February 23, 2009

Youtube's singing sensation

Today I recieved confirmation on an interview I will be doing sometime soon, rather sooner than later with youtube singing sensation, Dondria "FatFatt" Fields. FatFatt became the first R&B artist to snag a major recording deal with legendary producer and former president SoSo Island Def Jam, Jermaine Dupri. She is truly a sweet girl and words can not amount to this gracious opportunity she has granted me with. Wish me luck and make sure you check her out on youtube, facebook and myspace!!!!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Ok so yesterday I got my first tattoo. My favorite three words. It reads,"Live.Love.Passion" Passion gives me the strength to live life for love. Its on a place on my body that is dear to my soul. A place, where pics can't be posted. LOL Uhh right. Now the funny thing is when the tattoo artist was drawing my tat, everything was fine, except for when he drew the "love" part. I'm guessing that's where my bone is???!! Right. It still hurts. I guess it's true what they say, "Love does hurt."

Live. Love.Passion

She a BAD B****

Eva Marcille Pigford: She can pull off any look.

Absolutely Gorgeous

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


He who does not understand the essence and nature of a woman is not who he portrays himself in respect and definition of a true man. As captured in a portrait, it does not indicate real beauty it enhances a temporary feeling and also flaws. It is she who is deliverant and educated through words and thoughts that defines her as beautiful. The choice to love and lust is his decision to fall for beautiful rather than beauty. Her disguise will trap him, but only a real man can peel her camoflauge

***Sidenote****Remember how u used to phone up..u wouldn't say ur name..My memories choke me as my voice becomes hollow...The emptiness stays and clustered with silence..I regain consciousness to blurry visions..Did i leave you a light? Time parts us...Love isn't something you just earn..its deserved....(

Happy Juice

So the last time I was here, my dad got laid off from work. They offered him his job back. Boy were we happy. Come to find out, there was a big confusion at his job. One of the managers made a mistake and wasn't suppose to lay him off. Now, how could a mistake like that be made??? Well honestly, how and why are not really concerns of mine anymore. I'm just happy he got his job back. My brother was considering quitting school to work and help my mom. When I told my dad, he started laughing. But we were serious. No worries for now...we on that happy juice.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

True Story:For the price of you, we could hire 2

"For the price of you, we could hire 2." "Two mexicans for half the price we pay you." That's what they told my father today. 15 years on the job, and a man who has only been workin at the company for 4 months, told my dad, a veteran, that they were laying him off. With no compassion or heart. Just business. They would pay each mexican $550 every two weeks. Times 2 =$1,100.00. That's less than what my father bought home every two weeks. Now as a husband, of 6, how does he tell his wife that he just laid off ? How do you tell a wife of 22 years that you will no longer be bringing home a check? My mother doesn't bring home in her pocket as much as my dad did. Yes, she makes more, but she doesn't bring home more. What are we to do now? They don't care that he has 6 kids to provide for. They don't. My father said took a nap and thought he had a bad dream. I even thought I did too. I woke up to a text message from my brother saying," How could they do this, do they not know he has six kids?!" I replied, "Yes, they know, they knew for 15 years. We just got hit with the reality of the recession, better yet the depression. I just hope Obama's plan works........."