Saturday, March 14, 2009

Back to Black

Some pics from a shoot yesterday. Brooklyn. Photographer: Shannon.

Decided to change my hair color back to black for now because I honestly getting tired of the different shades of colors in my hair. Besides, I just wanted my eyebrows to match my hair.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Men are def more emotional than women, they just express it differently. Women cry. Men fall too deep. Way too deeeeepp. I just want a man that I can be his best friend before I love him. A man who will not say I LoVE You, before we actually start dating. I wan't to be able to say Ilike you before he tells me that he's in LOVE. Ohhh Boy. What can't I love before I get in love? Until that day....i'll keep ya posted

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

models 5'7 here's your chance.

Tyra Banks just announced on her talk show that she will be doing a season of America's Next TOp Models for girls who under 5'7, only. So if you are over that requirement, you cannot audition. She mentioned that she is trying to help shorter girls break down barriers. Hmmm. A couple of years ago I auditioned for ANTM and was chosen top 12 out of a group of about 100 girls. When they measured my height, they told me I was too short. I was 5'7 solid. THey also told me to try out next season. I never did though. That season Jaslene won, and she's hella tall and SKINNY. The question is now, "Will I try out again with this new requirement for an upcoming season?" HMMMM IDK...but all of you short girls, HERE'S YOur CHANCE. PROVE THAT SHORT GIRLS CAN GRACE THE COVERS OF TOP FASHION MAGAZINES AND KILL THE RUNWAY WITH ATTITUDE AND SPUNK!