Thursday, June 25, 2009

If she was a girl
I wouldve name her Leyla
and a boy, maybe after you
I wasnt ready for no baby
That day I felt so blue
Because for once
I wanted to take responsiblity for the things I do
And maybe should have you

I met this girl named Kayla
She said this was her fourth time
and then this girl next to her
she said her friend had nine
Children that was, but only three survived

So Leyla because Of Kayla
She became a friend
And from looking through her eyes
It made me realize
That you were never satisfied
And despite
the LIES
and WHYS
I could've been your wife
A good one for life

On our way in, the priest greeted us
He tried to give me the pamplet that read,
"Dont kill your child, they could make your world shine."
But I didn't pick it up
I saw it on the floor
As you pulled by arm
And said, "Don't look back, just think of all the things we lack."


It's been a minute since I uploaded my last blog post, but I'm back and hopefully I'll be BACK!! Just been quite busy, school and working. Been writing songs now-a-days...I gotta lot ishhh on my mind, so it makes it easyyy for me to just goooo FLOWWWW....

I was on the bus on my way to school and this just spitted out of my mind...(No this is not a song, just a regular poem) This goes out to KAYLA..